"We are an English Kindergarten through Middle School with a focus on holistic education and character development, while offering a learning environment fostering globally minded citizens."

We focus on enriching the whole child. We believe that each child is created uniquely, by God, with different strengths and weaknesses and should be given the opportunity and environment needed to be successful in the classroom. LBA’s differential structure allows each child to develop confidence in their abilities and a love for learning.


At Learning Beyond Academy, we implement a variety of curriculum resources to best enrich the whole child: Starfall, Reading A-Z, Literature-Based Language Arts, 6+1 Writing Traits, Singapore Math and Science, Music Theory and Encrichment , Singapore Chinese, Character Studies, Physical Education and Art Class. To supplement your child's education beyond regular school hours, we also offer after-school classes in English, Chinese, Krav Maga, and Kids Band.

Character Development


We live the higher way at LBA!


Homework Philosophy 

We believe that homework is an essential part of each student's learning experience. It is our goal to provide meaningful tasks that will enhance the skills and concepts taught within the classroom.

Application Information

Assessment Philosophy 

We believe that assessment is an integral part of a student's learning. The main objective of assessment is to enhance student learning, by gauging each student's progress to help build on strengths and weaknesses. For educators, assessment helps to evaluate the effectiveness of a lesson/ unit and to provide information to assist in identifying the instructional needs of students.

Classroom Philosophy 

Our goal is to create a respectful, comfortable, and well-managed learning environment where students are actively engaged in the learning process through various techniques and strategies. To promote this type of environment, we believe that consistency, organization, stated procedures, and consequences are necessary. Our optimum class size is 12-14 students.